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Located in Chico, California, Meriam Park will be a truly innovative community where threads of sustainability and collaboration are woven into a cultural center focused on; food and health, unique living options, and progressive work spaces, for everyone from artists and makers to established or emerging businesses in the technology and medical industries. This master-planned development blends the best new urban trends with traditional neighborhood design principles to build functional, creative and socially vibrant environments that will be enjoyed by workers, residents, and visitors alike—and that will endure for generations.

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meriam park

Our vision

The Meriam Park development team believes that a clear, strategic vision is critical to a project’s success and long term viability. Our vision is to create an authentic and lasting sense of place built upon a foundation of sustainability, diverse uses, and social vibrancy. Our development philosophy embraces designs that are compact in design, pedestrian and transit oriented and energy efficient to reduce environmental impacts.

Meriam Park will be a cycling- and pedestrian-centric community built around a “Green River” of open space that connects every resident and user to the regional trail network, Bidwell Park, and the local active lifestyle with easy access to a balanced amount of retail, residential and commercial amenities, strategically located so that each supports the other.

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The districts

Where culture meets commerce

Within Meriam Park are 3 diverse districts that are designed to support each other in a unique and strategic way. For example, a baker or coffee roaster would be placed next to a grocer and restaurants whom they could supply, which would be next to a courier service that delivers meals to area residents and senior housing areas, and so on. The end goal is to create a thriving, sustainable community which appeals to the growing Millennial workforce.  Maker spaces, kitchen incubators, live-work lofts, urban-styled multifamily housing and modern “agritectural” architecture will be featured —all just an easy walk or bike ride away.


This destination is envisioned as our “Third Place”, the social center for residents, visitors and nearby businesses after home and work. The Tank district will focus on food innovation and will have a balanced mix of retail, food & beverage, health & wellness, maker spaces and mixed-use while offering beautiful streetscapes, loft-style buildings, captivating outdoor spaces, and one-of-a-kind retail amenities. The look will feature industrial elements juxtaposed with buildings inspired by the surrounding agricultural heritage (agritecture) of the local landscape to create a familiar, yet striking, architectural statement that integrates diverse uses into a cohesive, visually-rich experience.



As its name implies, the Thrive district will focus on job creation and the progression of work environments that meet the demands of the modern workforce. It will bolster productivity, infuse economic stability, accommodate the entrepreneurial seedling companies of Chico and the region, and attract company relocation and expansion to Chico. With over 444,000 square feet of space for professional and medical offices, commercial and mixed-use, the Thrive will buzz with productivity, collaboration and creativity. The architecture of the Thrive features a stylized tech aesthetic integrated with modern accents, natural finishes accented with pops of color.



Dwell will offer contemporary single- and multi-family residences near the Tank District. Urban flats and town homes will front courtyards and streets amid neighborhood parks, community gardens, and athletic fields, all in a pedestrian- and bike-friendly setting. Landscaping will feature native plants and trees that offer shade and scenery. Project standards include progressive strategies to conserve water and integrate renewable energy sources.

Chico is a classic California valley town with tree-lined streets, laced by cool, shaded streams, surrounded by rich orchards, and nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills. In this sense, Chico’s rural image depends on the close affinity its residents feel with the surrounding countryside, community, and the physical integration of the natural environment into the urban fabric



a sense of place

Chico, California

Perhaps best known for Chico State University and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico is also home to a growing number of tech entrepreneurs and other unique industries such as food processing, apparel design and manufacturing. Locals love the easy access to outdoor recreation, numerous public art and music events, and the college-town energy. Together with the lack of congestion, the slower pace, and the friendly spirit of its people, Chico offers a rich quality of life.

Chico State has been rated a "top-10 regional public university in the West" by U.S. News and World Report since 1998, when the rankings began.  From business, engineering, computer science, education, nursing and more, graduates are ready to support the needs of growing area-businesses.

The city is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Sacramento and 180 miles northeast of San Francisco. Companies, particularly those with headquarters in Silicon Valley, find that Chico offers a comfortable distance for remote workers or regional offices with the advantage of lower operating costs.


By the numbers


  • American Indian or Alaska Native —  1,254

  • Asian — 4,072

  • Black or African American — 1,840

  • Hispanic or Latino — 15,101

  • Multi-racial or Other — 11,207

  • White — 55,885

environmental quality

  • Butte County air quality is healthier than California as a whole

  • Nearly 50% of residents enjoy a 14 minute commute or less

  • County traffic volumes have not risen significantly since 2001

  • County population density (2013) — 135.1 per sq. mile vs. 243.4 per sq. mile statewide

  • Total Harvested Acreage (2011) — 471,610 AC, or 44.9% of total land area


  • Current local population, City Limits (2016) — 92,464

  • Chico MSA, Butte County (2016) — 224,601

  • Average Household Size (2015) — 2.38

  • Median Age (2015) — 31.0

  • Owner–Occupied Homes (2015) — 15,841

  • Total Housing Units (2015) — 38,573

climate & geology

  • Average elevation — 200 ft. above sea level

  • Annual rainfall — 24 inches (mainly from Dec. - Mar.)

  • Average temperature — 35 degree winter lows, 99+ degree summer highs

  • Foothills on eastern border, Coastal Range to the west

  • Sacramento River lies approx. 4 miles to the west

Sources: Claritas, June 2015; California Department of Finance, Demographic Research Unit, Center for Economic Development, California State University, Chico,

Chico is a unique setting, a place where people want to live, and to develop great jobs here is something Dan Gonzales and I have worked very hard to do all these years.
— ken grossman, sierra nevada brewing co.


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