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Alley Kitchen: Meriam Park’s Shared Commercial Kitchen

Located in the Tank District’s Maker Building, the Alley Kitchen provides a shared space for commercial or private food innovation. Calling all Pastry Bakers, Food Truck Users, Caterers, or anyone else looking to utilize a professional cooking environment!


Let’s go over the details…

  • Three Separate Areas, Totaling 3,240 SF

    • Alley Prep 1

      • 425 SF

      • Conditioned

    • Hot Line + Dish Pit

      • 1,235 SF

      • Not Conditioned

    • Alley Prep 2 + 3

      • 998 SF

      • Conditioned

  • Updated and New Equipment

  • Spaces for Personal Equipment and Supplies

  • Coolers and Freezers for Products and Supplies

  • Walkable Dry Racks with Wheels


Equipment Key

  1. Hand Sink

  2. Food Prep Sink

  3. Reach-in Freezer

  4. Ice Machine

  5. 3 Compartment Sink

  6. Standard 6 Burner Vulcan

  7. Vulcan 36” Griddle

  8. Vulcan Double Convection Oven

  9. Custom Built Walk-in Cooler

  10. Clock-in Station

Alley Kitchen | Application for Commercial Use

Thank you for your interest in the use of our Alley Kitchen, Meriam Park’s Shared Commercial Kitchen space! We are happy to consider your business as a tenant of the kitchen.

Please complete the following application. We will review applicants in the order received and get back to you within 5 business days regarding this opportunity.

Let's get the basics first...
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Your Name
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Now, let's talk business.
Ex: Sizzle It Up - Main product are tacos, burritos, etc.
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How old is your business? *
Are you currently working out of a different commercial kitchen? *
Do you have a current Food Handler's Card or are you ServSafe certified? *
Let's stay safe! All participants in the Alley Kitchen must be able to show a current Food Handler's Card or ServSafe certificate.
Do you have a Product Liability Insurance AND General Liabilty Insurance for your business for at least $1,000,000 with the Alley Kitchen as "added name insured"? *
Please check the box below. *
Ok, time for details on your use of the Alley Kitchen!
Please select which equipment you will use from this list. *
Please note this is not a complete list of features - required wash stations and the like will be provided.
If Yes, please provide detailed description of the needed equipment. If not, please write "N/A".
Does your food production involve heavy saute work or deep frying? *
What kind of storage would you need to rent from the kitchen? *
Timeline Review
If you don't have a specific date in mind, then just ballpark. It may be "ASAP," "Next Month," or "3 or More Months."
I.E. Your business only produces your products during the holidays, certain seasons, etc.
How many months do you anticipate staying at Alley Kitchen if you are accepted? *
What days of the week do you prefer to use the Alley Kitchen? *
What hours would you typically work at the kitchen? *
Tell us about YOU!
Please rate the importance of using local, sustainable, and organic ingredients in your food production. *
Please rate the importance of working in a kitchen where community is a large factor in the business culture. *
How much do you care about working alongside other small food start-ups and contributing to a dynamic, involved, and engaged food community?
How well do you anticipate cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen? *
How comfortable are you working in a full/busy kitchen? *
Have you ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, bakery, cafe, or commercial kitchen? *
We thank you for taking the time to learn about the Alley Kitchen! Please allow for 5 business days to receive more information on pricing and availability. We will return all inquiries in the order in which they are received. We look forward to working with you!

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